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FAQ: Damage & Optional Protections

Damage Liability & optional coverage

When hiring a vehicle in New Zealand the Renter is liable for damage to the vehicle and third party property.

In the event of an accident, loss or damage to the vehicle or third party property, a Damage Liability Fee (DLF) will be charged for New Zealand rentals. This fee is charged regardless of who is at fault or the amount of damage. If the loss or damage is ultimately less then the DLF, part of the DLF will be refunded.

The customer can reduce the above Damage Liability Fee by paying a supplementary fee at time of pickup. There are four options to choose from:

Windscreen, Headlights and Tyre Puncture (WWI)  The fee provides protection for reasonable damage to the front windscreen, headlights and tyre punctures.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)  This fee reduces the Damage Liability Fee in the case of loss or damage to the Europcar vehicle or third party property (excluding Windscreen, Headlights and Tyre Punctures).

Peace Of Mind (POM)  The total protection package combines both the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and includes the Windscreen, Headlights and Tyre Punctures (WWI) at a combined lower cost for increased customer peace of mind.

Super Peace of Mind (SPOM)  The full protection package reduces your liability to $0 and includes the Windscreen, Headlights and Tyre Punctures (WWI).


If the POM or LDW option is chosen it does not eliminate the customers Damage Liability Fee but it does reduce the Damage Liability Fee.

At all times, the customer must comply with the Rental Terms and Conditions of the Europcar Rental Agreement.

If a customer is 21 in New Zealand, the Damage Liability Fee can not be reduced.

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