The German road trip to make you ditch your diet

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Germany is home to many grim-faced philosophers, imposing castles, leggy top models and majestic forests. If you have decided to go on a fun road trip to discover this beautiful country, you may well want to plan it according to its national obsession: the sausage! Discover our guide to taste the best currywursts and forget about vegetables (except for potatoes).

For your personal knowledge, some sausage fun facts and figures

Did you know there are 1500 varieties of German sausages? The Bockwurst, the Wiener Wurst, the Blutwurst, the Cervelatwurst, the Bratwurst, the Weißwurst, the Brühwurst and the national treasure, the currywurst. Legend has it that the curry sausage was invented by Herta Heuwer after World War II, when she threw together a mixture of ketchup, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and curry powder on top of the fries. Nowadays, 70 million currywursts are eaten in the German capital every year, and a whopping 800 million in the country. So, take the currywurst road and be ready for some cheat meals!

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For your very first currywurst, stick to classics

Your first currywurst tasting experience should take place in the city it was invented; namely, Berlin. It can be enjoyed in street stalls called imbiss where customers usually eat standing at tall tables. If you prefer to be seated, the Konnopke’s Imbiss, the oldest imbiss in the city, has a nice patio with chairs. Their crunchy currywurst is served in a rectangular cardboard dish and you can even choose a hot sauce according to its “heat levels”. The service is fast, the food is cheap, and the menus are also in English. Now replete, you can leave the Prenzlauer Berg, check out the flea market at Mauer Park with its bohemian neighbourhood filled with bars and dance the night away at Berghain, the iconic techno club. It would be a shame, though, to continue your trip without a stopover at the Deutsches Currywurst Museum, (we kid you not), dedicated to its glorious legend.

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For your vegan friend who likes comfort food

Head to Dresden. The city is a hidden treasure worth visiting for its architecture. Make sure to wander around the Old Town, the Historic Centre and the Royal Palace. You can also get some fresh air along the banks of the Elbe River or enjoy the Elbe Sandstone Mountains stunning panorama. To end your walk, head back in town and pop over at Curry & Co, an imbiss which offers a tasty currywurst served on tables that have a hole cut out to fit perfectly with the cute cone-shaped wrapper for the fries. And for those of you who are not into meat, you can even try the smoked vegan sausage. It comes with a little warning, though: its spicy sauce is so hot it will bring tears to your eyes. You’ve been warned!

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For a fast food treat before (or after) a night out partying

Time now to discover Bochum, a city located about 50 km from Düsseldorf. Start your evening at the Dönninghaus, the perfect place to rev up your taste buds before going out. The sausage is a staple and said to be the best in the Ruhr region. Combined with an addictive homemade sauce that can be quite spicy, this delicious currywurst with fries and mayonnaise will only cost you €4. The following day, chill out in Bochum and enjoy a smart and cultural outing. You wouldn’t want to miss the Zeiss Planetarium, the Moritz Fiege Brewery or Kunstmuseum Bochum, the local art museum.

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If you want to mingle with the locals

In Witten, close to the city of Dortmund, and only a 15-minute drive from Bochum, head to the locals’ favourite, Eddi’s Durst und Wurst where Eddi and his son serve their delicious currywurst on plastic plates. Expect a big portion of mayonnaise and a homemade sauce topping the fries, claimed by some to be the best in the world. Keep the good things going by driving south to Berger-Denkmal memorial. You can’t beat the location and its fantastic views of the Ruhr River. However, if you are more a of shopping enthusiast than a nature seeker, allow yourself a little shopping spree at the Ruhr Park shopping centre and find that perfect jumper you’ve been dreaming of.

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