Inter-island rental

What is inter-island travel?

New Zealand consists of two main islands - the North and the South. The islands are separated by 30 km of water, The Cook Strait. Ferries offer a transport service between the islands, however Europcar vehicles are not permitted to travel on the ferry. For this reason we operate the inter-island travel service whereby, the customer drops off the car at one ferry terminal and we provide another car for pick up at the ferry terminal on the other island. 

How does inter-island car rental work?

Once you create a New Zealand booking which includes travel in both the north and south island, a staff member will split your rental into two separate bookings, one for each island.  This will not affect the price you have been quoted. You need to advise Europcar when you intend to cross to the other island. When you come to the island crossing, you will drop off the vehicle at the Europcar ferry terminal station. You and your belongings can travel across The Cook Strait on board a ferry service (see below). When you arrive at either Wellington or Picton, visit the Europcar station and another vehicle (same size and features as the original vehicle) will be ready.

What steps can I take for hassle-free inter-island travel?

 There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your interisland travel is hassle-free:

  1. 1. It is recommended that you contact Europcar just prior to commencing your travel in New Zealand (see contact details below), to advice when you plan to cross the islands. This helps us to prepare the vehicles and documentation for pick-up. If this is not possible, please advice staff at the station at the beginning of your rental. 
  2. 2. Research which ferry service you will use to get yourself across the islands and find about the times and fares that suit you best. 
  3. 3. It is recommended that you return the vehicle during operating hours.

What do I need to know about the ferry service?

Regular ferry services run between the islands from Wellington (North Island) and Picton (South Island). Ferry crossings take approximately three hours. There are two ferry providers - Interislander and Bluebridge. Note that In Wellington, Interislander is closer to Europcar than Bluebridge, however Bluebridge has a shuttle bus which leaves the Europcar station 1 hour prior to the ferry departure time. Please be note the ferry departure and arrival times as well as the fare information by visiting the websites below. 

Timetable - Click Here 
Fares - Click Here

Timetables - Click Here 
Fares - Click Here  
Getting to/from Europcar - Click Here 

Europcar Contact Details


Europcar Wellington Ferry Terminal
Interislander Ferry Terminal, 290 Aotea Quay, 6011, Wellington
Phone: +64 (04) 473 0480
Opening Hours: Click Here 


Europcar Picton Ferry Terminal
Interisland Ferry Terminal, Office 8, Picton 7281
Phone: +64 (03) 573 8800
Opening Hours: Click Here 
Europcar Nelson
Terminal Building, 7011, Nelson
Phone: +64 (03) 265 5201
Opening Hours: Click Here 

Reservations 0800 800 115

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