Electric Car Rental

Move to Electric & Save Money

Electric Car Rental Made Easy!

When you hire an electric car from Europcar not only will you be helping to protect the environment, but you can also reduce your travel costs!
If you need to charge the vehicle then all the tools you need are provided. Every Electric car rental includes cables to charge domestically, or by the roadside. There are charging stations throughout New Zealand which lets you safely plan your travel in advance*. Free apps such as PlugShare are available for smartphone users to show the locations of these charging stations.

Our Electric Cars

Check out the latest Electric Cars available to rent.

Charging is Easy!

How to charge an Electric Car at home, work or at the roadside.

Our Green Network is Growing

Find electric cars in our dedicated stations: Auckland City , Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport, Wellington Airport & Queenstown Airport.

Electric Cars Go Further

Than You Might Think
The latest battery technology means
an autonomy of up to 400km on a single charge.

Electric Vehicles are Better

for the Environment
CO2 emitted through manufacturer and electricity generation
is much lower than through petrol or diesel exhausts.