Damage Management Policy

For more information about the damage management policy in other countries, please refer to the terms and conditions of hire applicable in the country.
What will happen if you cause damage to the vehicle during your rental?
In our experience, our renters drive quite carefully and few accidents happen. So cases of damage to the vehicle are the exception rather than the rule. But it is important to understand how we will manage the damage if it does occur.
Europcar has a clear damage management policy to explain how we will invoice you for any damage you make to the vehicle during your rental. For the full version of this policy, please see our Terms and Conditions of Rental.
You may not be fully liable
Please note that depending on the type of protection you bought for the rental, you may not have to pay for the damage, or you may only be partially liable or a Third Party may be liable.
Important: Always refer to Europcar Terms & Conditions of Rental for full details of your Contractual Obligations.

1. Vehicle Inspection

1.1 Damages identified at pickup
As per your Rental Contract, we recommend that you inspect your vehicle ensuring that the condition of the vehicle is consistent with that noted on your rental agreement.
Should you notice any discrepancies before you depart (over and above Fair Wear and Tear) please return to the office where one of our staff members will assist you.
If you have already left the rental station please ensure you take photos within 60 minutes of pickup (including a photo of the Vehicles number plate) and email us at myrental@europcar.com.au

1.2 Damage incident whilst on rent
If You have an Accident whilst you are in possession of the vehicle:
  • Get the names and addresses and phone numbers of all persons involved, including witnesses
  • Take as many photos as is reasonable of the Europcar vehicle, any Third Party vehicle and location of the incident
  • Contact us on the phone number at the top of your Rental Agreement

1.3 Damages identified with you at vehicle return
If you identify some damage (fair wear and tear excepted) with the Europcar agent or representative when you return the vehicle:
  • Our agent will inspect the vehicle with You
  • The agent will highlight any new damage not noted on Your Rental agreement
  • You will be asked to complete an Incident report form
  • You are obligated to provide as much information as possible including any third party details

1.4 Damages identified after you have finished the rental and departed
(For example, you left the vehicle outside opening hours, or did not stay for a joint inspection with the Europcar Agent)
If the Europcar Agent or representative identifies some damage (fair wear and tear excepted) when they inspect the vehicle after you have finished the rental and departed:
  • Our agent will attempt contact with you for 24 hours post return, notifying you if new damage not noted on your rental agreement is found
  • If contactable you will be asked to provide information to complete the incident report form with the Europcar Agent over the phone
  • If not contactable our Agent will submit the form to our Claims team, with the information they have available to them and you will then receive your Initial Case Notification

2. Vehicle Repairs

Repair costs vary depending on the type of damage:
  • Light damage which does not affect the safe driving of the vehicle, such as light scratches; light impacts on the windshield, scratches on bumpers: Charges are based on an itemised estimate of the replacement or repair costs obtained from an authorized repair shop.
  • More substantial damage impairing the use of the vehicle and requiring its temporary immobilization, such as bodywork damage. This type of damage will be evaluated by an independent expert and Invoiced according to the expert’s report or a cost estimation made by an independent auto-repair garage. This can take time depending on availability of parts.

3. Claims Procedure

Once a damage claim has been created Europcar will endeavor to communicate with you as follows:

3.1 Initial Case Notification
Following Case creation, You should receive an email:
  • Notifying you of the claim, including copies of:
  • Incident report form
  • Signed Rental Agreement
  • Photographs of the damage
  • Requesting that any additional information, photos or Third Party involvement information are provided to Europcar as soon as possible
  • Advising that once we have validated the case, we will progress to the next stage -Intention to charge

3.2 Intention to Charge
Once we have determined the loss, typically between 3-60 days after Initial Case Notification:
  • We will notify You advising that charges will be applied in
    7 days
    (but in some cases earlier where a claim involves settlement of a third party loss)
  • In accordance with your Rental Contract
  • Up to the cost of the Damage Liability Fee (Providing there is no breach of the Rental Contract)
  • We will provide verification documents of the charges to be applied:
  • Repair Quote/assessment or Invoice
  • Loss Of Use calculation
  • Third Party Loss support (if applicable)
  • Administration fee
Note: The cost of repairs can take longer than 60 days due to lack of parts availability. Receiving proof of loss from a third party or their insurer may also take some time (if applicable)

3.3 Payment / Receipt
Once the charge has been applied we will send You a copy of your invoice

4. Claims Dispute

If you wish to contest the damage identified, You should contact us by email within 7 days of the Initial Case Notification being sent.
Europcar agents will endeavour to resolve all customer queries within 10 business days. If a query cannot be resolved within this time, Europcar agents will make contact with You to provide an update on the query.
Once a query has been fully investigated and an outcome determined, Europcar agents will advise You of the outcome along with an explanation of why the decision was made.

4.1 Escalated Claims Dispute
Should You still dispute this decision, please first request escalation to a senior member within the team to ensure you have received their final word on the matter.
If You still have cause to dispute, You can then refer the matter for arbitration to our Internal Dispute resolution (IDR) process as per our Rental Terms and Conditions:
Clause 13.1
(a) If Your concerns are not resolved to Your satisfaction You may refer the matter to Our internal dispute resolution process
(b) Upon receipt of Your referral to IDR our IDR office will acknowledge receipt of Your referral and will investigate the matter and try to reach a satisfactory outcome.
(c) We will advise You of the final outcome of Your IDR referral within 45 days of receipt of that referral and We will use Our best endeavours to do so within 21 days thereof.
(d) Referrals to Our IDR process can be to any of the following
Post: Customer Relations Manager, Europcar Australia, PO Box 1139, Vic 3043
Phone: 1300 72 00 55
Email: customerrelations@europcar.com.au